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Sewing Wig Made By Hand Brazilian

Sewing Wig Made By Hand Brazilian

New arrived Hand-made wig,Wig made by hand and pre-sewd wig, to sewed with any of our hair bundles in stock, come and customized your own virgin handmade wig now!

Sewing Wig Made By Hand Brazilian

----Details Shows:

<Body Wave>

<3 tone Kinky>

----Wig Weight List:

Inch & Density130% Density150% Density180% Density

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--- Question & Answers

Q1:What isThe Advantage of Our Hair ?

Can dye and bleach
Burning into powder

Q 2:How often should we wash the hair?

many customers wash the hair 2 weeks or one month,you can wash the hair on your head or go to salon wash it.

when you wash the hair on your head:

1,use the comb comb your hair make it silky.

2,use the warm water wash the hair.

3,take some shampoo wash the hair first time,then clean it.

4,take some hair conditioner wash the hair,you can comb the hair at same time.can make the hair very silky.

5,cleaning it,after make it dry with a towel.then make it dry naturally.

Q 3: Why Are My Hair Extensions Getting Shedding ?

A: Firstly. PLS running the with your fingers or Wide-toothed gentty. to prevent the shedding For curty hair,

1.Aftter washing the hair, please nurse With some hair oil. then the hair will Be silky and soft
2.Choose the wide-toothed comb, comb it gentty, so as to prevent shedding
3.Too much heat may damage the hair

Q 4:Does your hair treated by any acid or chemical?

Our virgin hair is made from 100% natural hair,without any acid or chemical.when we get the hair material from different persons‘ head,we will use the clean water wash it 7 or 8 times,then use the hair cleaner wash it again.

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