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The Difference About Double Drawn Hair And Single Drawn Hair
Oct 20, 2018

Recently, many clients asked what is the difference about the double drawn hair and the single drawn hair.

Especially for the new hair business ladies, they  are very interested in it.

For double drawn hair:

1. The hair is double drawn full ends virgin bulk hair, the hair material is almost in same length hair from young girls’ head , no short hair inside.
2. This hair can be dyed to different colors and can do different styles oftenly.

3. This hair can last 3-5 years under well protection!

For single double:

1. Single drawn hair is from people head also,the hair cuticles face the same direction,also tangle free durage usage.
2. There is little short hair inside.
3. You can bleach and dye the hair .This hair strands is kind of thin hair.

Here is the pics:

double and single drawn