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New Arrival Unique 360 Lace Wigs 2017 Top Sell
Dec 01, 2017

The latest fashion trend in 2017----360 lace wig

Summer is coming! The Whether become hotter and hotter,many clients need their hair very natural and they can put all the hair on a ponytail if they want,and the hair can also breathing!undoubtedly,the full lace wig is a good choice.Since full lace is all made by hand ,the cost is higher,if you want more full density,the price is much more higher ,and you have to wait around 1 month to wait.i always thinking how to solve this problem,not too much cost,can put ponytail,can breathing,very full...

Suddenly,why can not do lace around head,and put more hair weft on the head!!

1)the wig is same as full lace wig all you can bond any way you like.

2) It is as full as 150% density full lace wig. but price are much cheaper.

3) This wig is full, not heavy, your head can still breathe after put. so feels very light and comfortable!