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How To Maintain Your Hair
Feb 10, 2018

How to maintain your hair?

1,when you open the new hair, please use one hand open the hair weft while use another hand combing the hair slowly.

2,please tied your hair when you sleeping or doing sports.

3,please hide your hair when you swimming.

4,please comb your hair silky when you get up,from bottom to the top.if the hair have a little tangle,do not worry,please comb it little by little,it will be fine.

5,youd better wash your hair 2 weeks or one month.

If you want to wash it one your head,please follow this advice:

1,comb your hair silky, put all the hair in the front.

2,put your hair into the warm water,wash with hair shampoo first.

3,after clean the shampoo, put some hair conditioner on the hair, keep 2-5mimutes,use the comb comb the hair.

4,then use the clean warm water make the hair clean.

5,use the dry towel remove the water. Keep the hair dry naturally.

The hair will be very silky and soft.