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​Hot Beauty Hair Made A Great Achievement At Atlanta Bronner Bros
Jan 08, 2017

Hot Beauty Hair Made A Great Achievement At Atlanta Bronner Bros

The Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show took place at Atlanta,USA from February 11th to February 13th, 2017. Also this year marks the 70th anniversary.This Trade Show is an international event dedicated to the hair care industry, Widely regarded as the largest gathering of multicultural beauty professionals in the United States. It has concluded successfully on yesterday. During this period,it as attracted many domestic and foreign manufacturers ,distributors, and retailers gathered ,almost 29,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors participating in this event.


After full around preparation and implementation, our sales team made a great achievement during the trade show. We signed a lot of cyber celebrities as our hair distributor in different cities in USA.


We also contracted at least 20 local sales representative in the Atlanta, Miami, New York

Los Angeles, etc. Those local American sales representative can be part-time job and full-time job to work for us in future.


Besides, we sold 1,000 pieces of hair bundles with an amount of $50,000 during this trade show. Thanks for the supports from our clients and the visitors to our booth.


See you in next exhibition in on August 19 - 21, 2017.