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Hot Beauty Hair All Staff Celebrate One's Birthday
Dec 28, 2017


Today is our B2B colleague Ashley's Birthday, 2017-12-28.  In her special day , we order Delicous Cake, Drinks and other tasty food this afternoon. Then Enjoy the Tea time together .Birthdays have always been super special in one's life. Before she   always loved parties, presents, cake, ice cream and spending time with friends and family. This is the first time Ashley celebrate her birthday party at Hot Beauty Hair's office.  Hope today will make great memoreis for her! 

 "I am so grateful to be alive! I am another year older. I have had so many blessings come into my life this year " Ashley said.  "This past year I  started this work and it has grown into something  better than I could have ever imagined… because of you! THANK YOU! SO – let’s celebrate!