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Customized Wig For Your Beauty
Jan 17, 2018

Customized Wig 

One of our customer told us that is costs her a lot to install the hair and it also wastes too much of her time. So it ´s better to wear a wig than do the sew-in. But the normall lace wigs are too thin, If you order a full one, it will also cost a lot of money , So she told us she wants to make a wig with her wefts and frontal, buy the hairstylists usually charge $100 to make a wig, she donesn't want to make one by herself neither. So she asked us to customized a wig for her. It saves her money and it's very fast. She also asked for putting the colors and curling the hair. Therefore, we decided to employ some hairstylists in China to customized wigs for our customers.

Whatever beautiful wigs you want, we can do for you !