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Wigs to buy
Jul 05, 2017

Round face: choose some can cover the cheek in the long hair style, so that the performance of the face as long as possible, while the plump face looks petite.

Oval face: you can choose some Liuhai four or three or three, the overall large wave of wigs, so smooth lines set off at the ribs, will make the whole face looks vivid and streamlined sense.

Face-shaped face: the face of the woman must be careful, if you do not pay attention to make their own blunt face defects exposed, so should try to choose some lower levels on both sides, hair curly hair, will make the face look Softer, make you more gentle and charming.

Diamond face: this face is more suitable for the points, especially the forehead part of the loose, the lower jaw is also full of hair, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated, like the popular pear head.

Ultra-thin design, sweat breathable wigs set 100% healthy people with their own soft together, wig sets for a variety of bald white hair, alopecia areata, chemotherapy all bald.

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