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Wig sets of maintenance
Jul 05, 2017

1, comb action to light

Wig sets should be used before combing, wearing a wig after a little to sort out just fine. Combing wigs generally use the more sparse comb as well, combing the wig to use the method of diagonal carding, can not be straight comb, and the action must be light.

2, do not use hairpins

In order to prevent the wind to wipe the wig, some people like to use a hairpin to hold the wig. However, the hair can not be too hard, otherwise, easy to hook the wig of the net sets. Therefore, it is best not to use a hairpin, you can use the wig on the wig to keep the wig fixed.

3, when washing do not hand twist

Often wear hair sets, usually half a month washing time is appropriate. Before washing, first with a comb to the wig combed, and then diluted with a hair conditioner solution while combing. Can not use his hands rubbing, but can not fake foam in the washing liquid wash. And the application of both hands gently hair hair direction drift above the bubble, and then dry, avoid exposure in the sun.

But also to prevent mold, especially in the south. With the place of ventilation. Keep clean.

4, carding tools

When combing the time can not use plastic material comb, must use steel comb.

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