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Tips for you to choose hair extensions
Dec 01, 2017

· Tips for you to choose hair extensions:

1. Decide on the kind of hair you want


Buy hiar weave can't choose too cheap. Becuase Human hiar is donated by real people and repurposed into hair extensions. Human hair weave also come in many grades, such as Brazilian , peruvian , indian , Malaysian, four of the most popular.All of the best grade and textures of human hair come in its most natural state, becuase the human hair cuticles all face the same direcction. this allowing for straighten, curling and even coloring to a desired color level . Natural Brazilian , peruvian, indian and malaysian hair installa will have different grades of textures, when choosing human hair installs it is always best to use hair that is closest to your own natural texture, this will allow for smooth blending when installing your extensions.


2. Choose a color that closely matches yor own hair color.


Make sure the hair extensions yor want are the correct colour.

Ask a hairdresser or a friend for advice then picking out an extension colour. Buying a hair weave that is the color you desire also is important. If you want to dye the hair. If you can't decide, go with 1b# color, a professional hairdresser will  dye1b# color hair for your own color.



3. Make sure the hair weave is similar to your want need hair's texture.


Carefullty  consider your hair texture. Make sure the hair weave style is similar to your want need hair's texture. We have a lot of texture gives you choiced. If you want afro style hair, you can choose kinky curly, maybe you like but should  be chosen with occasion suitability in mind.


4. Calculatre how much hair weave you need?


Calculate how much hair you need. The amout of hair you 'll need depends on the thickness of your own hair and how much length and / or fullness you want toa dd. As a general gudeline, the longer the length of the extension, the more hair you'll need for a full look.

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