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The difference between wig and weaving
Jul 05, 2017

Wigs, is a broad word, and the replacement, weaving is included and included in the relationship, like cosplay with chemical fiber wig, chemical fiber and real hair mixed high-grade wig, hair, weaving, biological scalp are wigs of.

Wigs are divided into ordinary wigs and advanced wig custom, Xiao Bian personally think that as long as not specifically for individual custom wigs, are summarized as ordinary wig, whether it is chemical fiber or Ye Hao, real hair Ye Hao. Personal custom wig is the so-called high-level wig custom, that is what we call weaving.

What is "weaving" it is to pass through the hair of a crochet in the hair network or hair piece, the project is very large, the ancients said three thousand trouble silk, the number of hair, after all, too massive , How much time to spend small series is not clear, but certainly a two months, right? This creates a problem, that is, the price is certainly expensive

As for the hair of the hair, the general use of the yarn, double-layer network, the hair of the hair, the general use of silk, bionic film, imitation + silkworm.

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