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​Hair Washing Tips
Dec 01, 2017

1. Don't soak the weave. Take your spray bottle and spritz the top of your head about three to five times.


2. Next bend over as far as you can so that the hair hangs in front of your face or upside down. And just spritz the hair all over.


3. Grab your bottles of mild shampoo and conditioner. Finger comb the weave with the shampoo still in so that it will fget worked iall.


4.Then stand in the shower with your head titled back so that the water can run all through the hair.


5. Spary the weave with de-tangler the spray it with leave in conditioner. Don't blow dry hair too frequently. Let hair air dry naturally.


6. Once the hair is completely dry spritz it with moisturizer and brush it wih your fingers or a wide tooth comb.


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